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What exactly is copywriting?

Hello and Welcome!

Let's play a game. I will write some of the top-seven best business slogans, and you'll guess what the product is.


1. "The Quicker Picker Upper"

2. "I'm Lovin' It"

3. "Maybe She's Born With It"

4. "America Runs On..."

5. "Finger Lickin' Good"

6. "The Breakfast of Champions"

7. "Can you hear me now?"

8. "Just Do It"

How many did you get right?! Answers are here.

You can thank a copywriter.

Copywriting combines psychology and writing to communicate the benefits of a product or service to a consumer in need.


I recently quit my job to go full-time into freelance copywriting, and I am STOKED. Here you can find information about copywriting, how to get started with your own business, tips and tricks, and we'll have some fun along the way ;-).

If you want to learn a lot and have a blast, you should subscribe! Please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself. We're all in this together.


Amanda Fox

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