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Freelance copywriter vs design firm

Too many choices

Have you ever stood in front of the protein bar section at the grocery store and thought, "Which brand should I choose? Is low sugar or low-calorie better? Which reduced-fat flavor is going to taste the least reduced? Is this company an ethical company? Is organic really healthier than this less expensive ‘natural’ option?" It’s a small feat to even escape the aisle without having a panic attack.

Every day we are forced to make choices from a variety of options. No matter how much we research or consider our options, we end up feeling uneasy about the choices we make anyway!

Marketing options

The marketing world is peppered with strategies, options, beliefs on best practices, businesses, companies, firms, freelancers, need I go on? It is unfair to expect business owners to understand the best route to take.

For example, many people don’t know that an alternative to hiring a full design firm is to hire a freelance copywriter.

In hopes to increase confidence for business owners who are considering their marketing options, I have laid out the benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter.

Benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter

Supporting small businesses:

Did you know some freelance copywriters work with other graphic and web designers to fulfill ALL your marketing needs? Freelancers are the smallest businesses you can possibly support. Small businesses strengthen the local economy and community, adapt easily to economic change, offer top-rate customer service, drive innovation, and much more.

Personal relationships reflect in the work:

Hiring a copywriter will provide an opportunity to have a more intimate and personal relationship with one another, which will lead to your vision being authentically communicated.

Less expensive:

Freelance copywriters do not have overhead and typically do not have other employees they will have to pay. This means that you will simply be paying for their knowledge, skills, and time.

Quick turnaround:

Freelance copywriters take on a certain number of clients, allowing them to put their full focus on each individual client and their needs.

Easily accessible:

Freelance copywriters are easy to communicate with. Working with them will offer you and your business a direct line to the boss. You will be VIP.

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