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Here are 3 Ways I Built Up the Courage to Quit My Job (and I now use to make any difficult decision)

I quit my job to start my own business. Here's how:

If you are unfulfilled - If you have a dream - If you want to feel more purpose - You're not alone. You may be asking, "Should I quit my job?" The problem is, you're asking the wrong people...

Finish high school, go to college, get a job, get married, buy a house, have babies, they said.

Now what? Now nothing. We listen to what others tell us to do our whole lives. We are raised to live for the future. We need to listen to ourselves and do what feeds our souls. Most people thought I was crazy. Heck, I even thought I had maybe lost my mind. But, I stayed true to myself and I am happier than ever.

Here are three ways that helped me make such a big decision.

1. I listened.

To the universe. To the Holy Waffle. To whatever it is that guides us, I just listened. I used meditation, music, and writing to express myself and, like my favorite philosopher, Ranier Maria Rilke recommended, I would live into my questions instead of trying to make sense of them. I didn't know the answer yet, so I listened and lived.

2. I kept to myself.

There was a time when I would look externally for the answers to my problems. I would ask my family and friends their opinions, and then I would feel more confused than ever. This time, I didn't ask everyone their opinion. I chose three people who knew me best, and who I highly respected, to tell me their thoughts. Before I did that, however, I decided I would deliberate on my own after having a conversation with them, to hold on to points that were important and to discard the others.

3. I ignored everyone.

Once I was strong enough in my concept and my being, I announced my plans to quit. Many of my friends and family tried to discourage me. They would say things like, "You won't have health insurance!" or "How will you make money?!" While I appreciate their concern, I had been stewing on these questions for months and had more of a plan than they were aware of. So, I remembered that I was in control, and I ignored the comments, not allowing them to increase my fear.

Whether you're quitting your job or deciding to buy a house, these three steps will help you build up the courage when it comes to taking the path that's best for YOU. I encourage you to share in the comments any other tactics you have used to make hard decisions, and please subscribe below for updates on blog posts similar to this!


Amanda Fox

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