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5 Vintage Books That Could Take You To The Bank

Books are an underrated investment that can be worth a pretty penny. First edition signed copies are usually worth the most, but there are many other editions that can be worth something. Here is a list of books worth a lot of money that you don't want to collect dust.

1. Harry Potter:

J.K.Rowling has sold over 500 million copies of Harry Potter, so you may be wondering why it would be valued high. While most copies of the book are a dime a dozen, the OG, first edition copy of Harry Potter can bring you up to $7,000. Copies in great condition and signed copies are obviously worth higher amounts.

2. Gone With The Wind:

This classic novel by Margaret Mitchell is a must in the book collector's arsenal. A first edition or signed copy can be worth up to $25,000. There were only 10,000 copies printed of the first edition with an incorrect print date of May 1936. In June 1936, the publisher released both first editions with the correct print date along with the 10,000 with the incorrect print date. Both are worth something, but if you have a copy of the book with a copyright of May 1936, put that sucker in a safe, and take it to your nearest antique book collector.

3. Birds of America:

You don't need to be a bird watcher to know that birds are worth it. This book, published in 1827 by James Audobon, was sold at auction in 2010 for upwards of 10 million dollars. Audobon was an artist and a naturalist who dedicated his life to studying and creating detailed paintings of all North America's birds. The first edition, published by Havell, contains prints that are 30 x 40 inches. There were 200 first edition copies produced, and it is believed there are 120 left in the world. Prints from the book are also considered to be worth a lot of money. If you think you have an Audobon original print or first edition copy of Birds of America, go ahead and call a bodyguard or two.

4. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

Written by Charles Dodgson under the pen name "Lewis Carrol" and illustrated by John Tenniel, has been a classic since its first publication in November 1865. There were only 2,000 copies of the first edition published before illustrator, Tenniel, pulled it from publication due to the low quality of the prints. A new edition was then printed in December of the same year with a date of 1866 instead. There are only 22 known copies of the first 2,000 copies printed. If you think you can bring that number to 23, you could receive up to 3 million dollars.

5. The Hobbit:

J.R. Tolkien's novel first published 1,500 copies on September 21, 1937. The publisher's name should be "George Allen & Unwin Ltd." and the year 1937. The flap on the dustjacket misspells Dodgson as Dodgeson. This book can be worth around a quarter of a million dollars.

Whether you have a book on this list or a shelf of books passed down from generation to generation, your collection is worth a look. You never know, you may be sitting on a lottery ticket and not even know it.


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Luke Kendziorski
Luke Kendziorski
03 thg 11, 2021

Do you have any of these? If so, let's sell one and go to Europe.

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